Terms of Use



All readings are delivered as a video recorded session that will be sent to your email. All recordings will be completed and delivered within 48 hours of business operation hours (Monday-Friday).


My style of Tarot reading is self-help, healing, self exploration, and strategies based on current energy with the goal of moving forward in a positive way. My style of reading is not fortune telling, future predictions, or gypsy. My goal is not to tell you the future but to give you the information and freedom to create the life you dream of. Probabilities of future outcomes may come to me, and if appropriate I will share with you. I will not read for others outside of the person I am reading for. We cannot change others, our power comes from being able to change ourselves. All questions that include other people will be focused on gaining information for your personal growth, and not to impose on their energy or free will.

If I feel uncomfortable answering a question, I have every right to decline your reading to preserve my own ethical values. In the case that I decline your reading, I will happily refund your money.


Tarot Readings are never intended to interfere with your own free will.

I do not take the place of a qualified health professional, lawyer, clergy or counselor.

You should always consult the appropriate professionals.

For legal reasons, I have to state that readings are for entertainment purposes only

and that by purchasing a reading you are agreeing that you understand and accept this.

Your own free will & judgment are paramount.


This reading is an exchange of time and energy. All readings are non-refundable. 100% accuracy is not implied or guaranteed. There are some who are determined to make the reader “prove” themselves. I am only a vessel for communication; it is your job to continue the soul work to implement the information received, and to discover and unlayer how this information applies to your life.