Past Life + Soul Purpose Reading

Past Life + Soul Purpose Reading


This reading combines both Past Life reading and Soul Purpose reading for greater clarity on how to navigate current circumstances.

Past Life Reading:

This reading will cover several past lives or one singular past life depending what comes forward.

Understanding past life lessons gives us clarity and information on how to continue healing.

So, what exactly is a past life reading? These readings center around the belief of reincarnation (which I whole heartedly believe in) and are based on the idea that our soul remains the same, but our bodies, emotions, thoughts, locations, and circumstances are different each time we come to earth, in order to learn new life lessons. Which past lives should I expect to come forward? In my experience the information that is revealed in past life readings are the ones that you can most benefit from knowing at this time. The goal of these readings are to peel back the layers to reveal missing puzzle pieces that will guide you on your current struggles, how you can handle them better, and information from the past so that history doesn’t have to repeat itself – YOU HAVE FREE WILL – so maybe you want to do it the same way! It is up to you.

This reading includes:

Past life purpose

Past life obstacles

Lessons learned

Information on unresolved obstacles, how you handled them, and what you can do differently now.

How you can honor this past life

Advice for growth through this lesson


Soul Purpose Reading:

Do you ever feel lost, or doubt that little voice in the back of your head that gives you ideas? Our souls’ purpose can often get confused within the humanness of our earthy journey. It is important that we tend to both our human desires and our souls’ desires.

A soul purpose reading will bring clarity on:

What you need to know about your soul purpose

How to trust your intuition

Your personal strengths

What you can focus on healing now

Why and how you can stand in your light and truth

How to be the best version of yourself

Special message from your soul

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All readings are delivered as a video recorded session that will be sent to your email. All recordings will be completed and delivered within 48 hours of business operation hours (Monday-Friday).

About Tarot Readings

ALL that we discuss is CONFIDENTIAL and is part of your PRIVACY.
I pledge always to speak the truth that spirit brings forward to me. It is my duty to present truth to you with love and respect, but I will not tell you sweet lies, or fairytales that could keep you in a negative cycle. I am here to bring you clarity when all seems foggy, to help you see where you cannot, and to support you in finding the freedom you crave.

Please keep in mind that I come to Tarot from the perspective of healing, self-exploration, and strategies for dealing with things as they are or for moving forward towards a goal. My style of reading does not come from any attempt at telling the future. That is not to say that intuition towards probabilities won’t be included in your reading, but they will never be the focus of a reading. I also do not do readings about other people not requesting a reading, so relationship questions would have to be focused on relationship issues surrounding you specifically. All questions that include other people will be focused on gaining information for your personal growth, and not to impose on their energy or free will.

This reading is an exchange of time and energy. All readings are non-refundable. 100% accuracy is not implied or guaranteed. There are some who are determined to make the reader “prove” themselves. I am only a vessel for communication; it is your job to continue the soul work to implement the information received.

– questions about other people than You
– Yes/No questions
– if your relationship is over…
– if you are going to break up…
– if he/she is cheating on me…
– what she/he thinks
– when (exact date and time), how *this is fortune telling work
– lottery numbers

This reading is NOT suitable for a person who:
– is obsessed with the desired outcome
– is dishonest and unfair with self and others
– uses excuses for denying own responsibility for what happens to her/him

If I feel uncomfortable answering a question, I have every right to decline your reading to preserve my own ethical values. In the case that I decline your reading, I will happily refund your money.

Legal Disclaimer:
Tarot Readings are never intended to interfere with your own free will.
I do not take the place of a qualified health professional, lawyer, clergy or counselor.
You should always consult the appropriate professionals.
For legal reasons, I have to state that readings are for entertainment purposes only
and that by purchasing a reading you are agreeing that you understand and accept this.
Your own free will & judgment are paramount.