Past Lives Private YouTube Reading

Past Lives Private YouTube Reading


This reading will cover several past lives or one singular past life depending what comes forward.
Understanding past life lessons give us clarity and information on how to continue healing.
So, what exactly is a past life reading? These readings center around the belief of reincarnation (which I wholeheartedly believe in) and is based on the idea that our soul remains the same, but our bodies, emotions, thoughts, locations, and circumstances are different each time we come to earth, in order to learn new life lessons.

Which past lives should I expect to come forward? In my experience, the information that is revealed in a past life reading are the ones that you can most benefit from knowing at this time. The goal of these readings are to peel back the layers to reveal missing puzzle pieces that will guide you on your current struggles, how you can handle them better, and information from the past so that history doesn’t have to repeat itself – YOU HAVE FREE WILL – so maybe you want to do it the same way! It is up to you.

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This reading will be delivered as a video recorded session that will be sent to your email. All recordings will be completed and delivered within 48 hours of business operation hours (Monday-Friday).