Learn To Read Tarot

Without books or memorizing!

Five Week Group Program

Start Date: To Be Announced.

Monday Nights 8pm EST.


Learn To Read Tarot Intuitively

This program is designed to create clarity around how you read tarot intuitively and will give you the confidence to begin reading for others within four weeks.

I will show you how to tap into your own spiritual language, and how to connect with your cards in real life from your soul, without memorizing or looking up card meanings.

Each week you will receive pre-made content via video or written posts, in accordance with your unique learning style. You’ll also have weekly coaching calls to integrate all course material, learn, and ask questions!


The best part is you get lifetime access to all of the content, and a community to continue learning and growing with. The course is NOT over, “when it’s over.”


Program Outline

Week 1: Foundation of Tarot

The Majors, Minors, and Court cards

Bonding with your deck, and allowing the cards to show you their meanings in real life

Week 2: Tarot Questions and Spreads

How to form Tarot Questions

144 Questions to ask Tarot

How to create Tarot Spreads

Practice using pre-made Tarot Spreads

Create your own Tarot Spread

Week 3: Psychic Development

Learning your spiritual language (Clairs) and building your spiritual dictionary

Group practice to build your spiritual dictionary

Week 4: Reading for others

How to deliver tough messages with love

Discover your personal reading style

Practice readings

Week 5: Tarot for Business

Legal Jargon

What kinds of readings to offer - Marketing

Platforms and tech for starting a tarot business

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