Spiritual Breakthrough Mastermind

Spiritual Journey for

unlocking your greatest potential.

Five Week Group Program

Start Date: 05/06/2019

Monday Nights 8pm EST.


Spiritual Breakthrough Mastermind.

This program is designed to deepen your spiritual practice, create a clear channel for your intuition, and move you through past life blocks, so that you may stand in your souls purpose on a divine level.

This program is 1:1 coaching and a group coaching hybrid style to create one magical experience. Something shifts at a fundamental level when you meet your higher-self or spirit guide on a different plane. Direct connection matched with the knowledge of past life blocks is a fast track streamline straight into your purpose and service to this earthy world. It is like the life hack of soul contracts!

Each week you will meet with me 1:1 or in a group session, participate in group discussion in the closed facebook group, and have short assignments to start integrating your spiritual practice into everyday life.

Are you ready to step into your souls purpose?


The best part is you get lifetime access to all of the content, and a community to continue learning and growing with. The course is NOT over, “when its over.”

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Program Outline

Week 1: Discovering Your Personal Spiritual Language

Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Claircognizants, Clairaudiance

Which tools are the best fit for your journey

Group Session

Weekly assignments to connect on the spiritual plane

Week 2: Meet Your Higher-Self or Spirit Guide

1:1 guided meditation to meet your higher-self or spirit guide

Assignments to continue working with your spirit

Week 3: Unlocking Past Life Experiences

Personal Past Life Reading

Assignments to connect past life spiritual lessons to current life

Group session

Week 4: Soul Purpose Connection

Personal Soul Purpose Reading

Assignments to start living your souls purpose

Group Session

Week 5: Soul Aligned Lifestyle

1:1 Coaching Session - Clarity, Game Plan, Motivation!


This program is application only! If you are interested please book a discovery call with me here:

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