Ready4Love Masterclass

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Next start date: 02/03/2019


7:00pm EST

If you have been serious about dating, but can’t seem to attract the right partner, THIS CLASS IS FOR YOU!

Week 1: Discovering whats holding you back from healthy relationships.

Week 2: Discovering what you truly crave in a partnership.

Week 3: Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable - Creating a dating game plan.

Week 4: Self Love Week! Continued Support and Q&A.

Anyone who has taken my classes before, knows that I love to give real life homework assignments! It’s great to sit at home and journal, reflect, and make goals, but nothing is going to change, until something changes!

This program is packed full of action, discussion, and spiritual alignment to help you manifest the partner of your dreams.

This Course Includes:

Single & Ready to Mingle Tarot Reading

Four Small Worksheets

One Quiz (personality quiz not a pop quiz!)

Two “Real Life” Homework Assignments - Create a game plan and execute!

Four Group Sessions

Full Moon Ritual on 2/18/2019