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Welcome to the Self Paced program!

Learn to Read Tarot!

My dream is for tarot to be an accessible and easy tool for all to use. I am so proud of you for taking the leap and making the commitment to yourself to learn this tool. I can’t even explain how beautiful this journey can be.

It is very important to find a community while learning to read tarot, people who get it, won’t think you’re weird, and can help answer any questions you have!

If at anytime you feel stuck, I encourage you, please reach out. Please keep pushing through. It is very common to feel stuck right before a break through.

AND remember your WHY! Why do you want to learn to read tarot? What good will you be able to do with it?

Community Support

Spiritual Babel is a free facebook group where you can ask any questions you might have or share your experiences along the way.

The Round Table is a subscription based group where you can meet with us monthly on zoom to practice and ask questions. This group is $8.88 a month and you may cancel or pause your subscription at any time.

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