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Manifesting Big Tips in the Service Industry

As a server at a restaurant in a tourist town, I knew that there had to be some kind of formula to manifesting big tips. With the Law of Attraction, there are always a few simple rules to follow in order to tap into the vibration of abundance. So I set out with my usual spiritual science experiments to figure out the exact formula, and today I am going to tell you everything I know!

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I would rather be a doorkeeper.

I stand at the door. I dare not leave in case someone who has been blindly looking for this door gets close enough that I can help them. I dare not go too far in because I might miss the person who has cracked the door open and becomes frightened at the experience that is happening. I stand by the door because I know what its like to live without it or to become frightened by the blinding light that shines when the door is cracked.

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