Manifesting Big Tips in the Service Industry


As a server at a restaurant in a tourist town, I knew that there had to be some kind of formula to manifesting big tips. With the Law of Attraction, there are always a few simple rules to follow in order to tap into the vibration of abundance.

So I set out with my usual spiritual science experiments to figure out the exact formula, and today I am going to tell you everything I know!

Here's how to make the most out of your commission based shifts:

1. Find your soul alignment. If you don't already have rituals in your life, it is paramount to your energetic rise. Our vibration has to be at the level of receiving before we can become open to abundance. Work to align your life to your soul compass. Working on your worthiness will create a huge shift in your life and in your work.

Here are some ways you can work on your soul alignment:


Moon rituals

Time in nature


Morning Devotionals

Affirmations lists


The list can go on and on, find what works for you and make a commitment to yourself.

2. Prepare for your shift. This sounds so silly but preparing mentally and physically for your shift is key to receiving big tips. The service industry can be extremely tough. It can be long hours on your feet, rude customers, turnover with co-workers, and all of these elements can create chaos that we need to prepare for.

Physically -

Eat before your shift, pack food if you need it. Prepare what your body will need to sustain the energy of a long shift. Shower and feel refreshed and clean before a long day.

Make sure you have the supplies you need. If you are a server have paper, pens, good shoes, shoe inserts, the list can go on and on. (Don't get stressed out during your shift when you have 5 tables checking out at the same time but only brought 3 pens to work.)

Mentally -

I like to use affirmations to get my mind right. While driving to work I will say affirmations like, "I am so grateful for the abundance that I received today. I am so grateful that table 15 tipped me 25% today. I am so grateful that my party in the main room tipped me an extra $40 on top of their 18% grat." The key to these affirmations is to speak them as if they have already happened.

**My personal caveat to this is to know your worth. If you work at a restaurant that has poor management, doesn't receive high volume, or won't schedule you for nights or weekends, then it might be time to consider your worth and what you allow in your life. When you stay you are telling the universe that you are okay with what you are receiving and that you do not need to receive anymore. It might be time to look at making a job change to a location that will support the vision you have created for yourself. (This is obviously with the exception of the slow season. We all know a slow season is inevitable so please prepare for it.) **

3. Maintaining an attitude of gratitude. Gratitude is more than words, it is seen in our action.

Commit to your shift! I see so many people in the restaurant industry who give away shifts, ask to trade cuts so they can be first out, and say things like, "I hope it's slow tonight, I am ready to go home." When we do this we are not in the moment and it closes off our ability to manifest. Try shifting your mindset to, "I am here as long as the universe has money for me."

Do your side work to the best of your ability. We all know servers only make tips as long as they are taking tables. That means while we do side work we have a set rate that we make that is lower than minimum wage. It is important to go above and beyond on your side work to show the universe that you care about the success of this business. When we set the other employees up for success, we set ourselves up for success. Be grateful for the abundance you received by going above and beyond in your side work and you will see jumps in your tips each shift you work after that. Show your gratitude for the establishment that the universe uses to bring abundance to you. This is the attitude of gratitude that raises your vibration and makes it possible to receive more abundance in the future.

3. Always add gratuity to parties. This one might be controversial to those who work in the service industry. There is this mindset that if you don't grat a party they might tip more than the 18%, and if you do grat them, you might screw yourself out of the 2% extra that they possibly could have left for you.

I believe that this is where a lot of servers go wrong in the service industry. When you don't grat a table that you are allowed to grat, you are telling the universe that, "I don't need this money, I am good. I am okay with settling for less than 18%" That may not be how you feel but that is exactly what your action is communicating to the universe.

9 out of 10 times that I grat a table, they leave me substantially more than 20% on top of what was included in the bill.

Know your worth and grat when you are allowed to grat. I understand the hassle of getting a manager when you are busy and in the weeds but this is part of the energetic alignment that communicates your worth to the Universe. If you are showing up as the best version of yourself for every table, even when you feel you should have done better, the universe will always reward you.

4. Always be a YES person. I work in a restaurant where we don't have sections. Meaning if someone is in the weeds and the host asks them on a busy night if they can take another table and they say no, then it goes to the next person in line. The answer is always yes to, can you take that table. The answer is always yes to I would love to take that togo order. The answer is always yes to would you like to switch cuts with me and stay later tonight. The second we say no, the universe hears, "I have made enough money today and I don't need to make any more."

Some of you might be thinking right now this girl is crazy and she has obviously never been in the weeds. I will be the first to tell you that my brain screams NO and somehow YES still always comes out of my mouth. Again, if you work in a well-run restaurant, at some point the kitchen and/or the front door will be put on wait time. This means that you will have time to get caught up even when it doesn't feel like it. Having faith in the universe that everything will go as planned is paramount in this. Also, keep in mind that the majority of people are reasonable. They will see how busy the restaurant is, and as long as you hustle to keep drinks full, and get checks to tables quickly, most people will forgive you for being slow in other areas.

Another part of this is to ask for help. If you need help getting drinks to tables, no one is able to help you if you don't speak up. Sometimes the hostess is willing to greet and run drinks, sometimes the manager or another server who has a second will help. If you don't ask, you can't receive. And please don't get upset if no one is able to help, trust that the universe has a plan and that you will be able to do all the things.

Take a deep breath and keep moving. The pressure only lasts for a short period of time, and this is where the money is made.

5. Recognize that you will not always do this perfectly. There are up's and downs in the service industry. Prepare for feast or famine, be willing to flex and flow as things change. And most importantly, try your best to be the co-worker that everyone wants to work with.

If you guys have any questions or comments on this, I would love to hear from you!