I would rather be a doorkeeper.

I am not the right spiritual teacher for everyone. But I am the right person for many.

Doorkeeper Banner.png

You see we live in a world where everyone is looking for a magic door. Behind this door is the answer's to all of the problems we face.

This door is the open portal that links the earthbound to the spiritual world.

Some have heard of this door but refuse to open it. They tried religion at some point in their life and decided that they would go on trying to find answers without the magic behind the door.

Others have opened the door but were too scared of the magic and intensity of what lies behind it, and quickly went the other way.

And then there are those that have found the door, gone all the way in, and now gently stand on the other side trying to convince others to follow them inside. They openly welcome and greet those who go all the way in, but they are too far inside to help those who are still searching for the door.

These healers on the other side know a lot about the happenings behind the door.

They have lived it, experienced it and they dare not leave for they have found the magic and wonder that we all seek. These teachers and healers know much more than I do.

They have experienced more of the other side than I have, and I commend them for that journey.

But that path is not for me.

I stand at the door.

I dare not leave in case someone who has been blindly looking for this door gets close enough that I can help them.

I dare not go too far in because I might miss the person who has cracked the door open and becomes frightened at the experience that is happening.

I stand by the door because I know what its like to live without it or to become frightened by the blinding light that shines when the door is cracked.

I know what it feels like to be depressed, anxious, addicted, lonely, bored, not enough, beaten down, and confused.

I know what it feels like to wish life would end but not having the guts to do something about it.

I know what it feels like to feel trapped and like there is nothing that can fix this.

I stand at the door because I know that I was the only one who could open this door for myself.

The doorman who greeted me told me how to open the door but said the latch would only open to my touch.

When men and women find this door, hearts are healed.

Grief-stricken families become whole.

Addictions become manageable.

Faith over fear mends the hearts of the lost.

Spirit is reunited with the men and women of this world.

And nothing is impossible once again.

I stand by the door to tell them I see them.

I know how your heart hurts, mine once did too.

I know that you feel tired, broken, sad, and can't find your way.

I was there once too.

I have found a new way to live, and all you have to do is open the door.

I can't do it for you, I would if I could.

I stand by the door to show you if I can, then you can too.

I stand by the door because we have all been told what is on the other side. We have been told that if you don't see the magic the same way then it's not the truth.

I stand by the door to remind you that there is no wrong way to see this magic. To remind everyone that the way you experience it is the right way.

Feeling it is the most magical part, and I am honored to stand with those as they open the door and feel it in whatever way it manifests for them.

Sometimes I venture in further, to renew my own spiritual journey.

To find answers to my current struggles.

To walk hand in hand with someone who is seeking to dive deeper in their journey.

But I always find my way back to the door.

I need the saints, healers, and teachers who go all the way in.

I need to hear their wisdom, guidance, and depth from searching far and wide.

It reminds me of why I stand by the door.

It renews my hope and gives me a lighthouse when I feel lost.

I stand at the door because I know how desperately I needed this.

I can't forget all of those who are still searching.

They are near the door, and my soul sings when I can help them walk through.

I would rather be a doorkeeper because I know that we all deserve to open the door.

It doesn't matter what we have done, where we have been, or what our life looks like up to this point.

We are all worthy of passing through this door, and everyone's name is on the VIP list.

So I stand by the door.