How to Chose a Tarot Deck

I was always curious about tarot, and somewhere along the ways picked up on a few myths that held me back from beginning my journey…


I call bullshit. That is a superstition that was created to keep the tarot reading circle small. I believe Tarot is a powerful self-development and empowerment tool that anyone can use for themselves or others.

If you are like me when I first began my journey, I didn't know why I wanted a deck or even where to begin in buying one... and in case you don't already know... there are like a BAJILLION options.

Here's what you need to know to get started:

If you want a quick rundown with fewer details, watch my YouTube Video

  1. Tarot is art on cardstock that follows a specific structure to show you all of the possibilities of this physical world through a lens you will understand.

  2. Picking a deck means picking artwork that you connect to so that you intuitively know how to tell the story that is being presented to you!

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Step One:

What do you connect to most?

  1. Real Life Situations: If you are practical and understand people really well or if you can read people based on their external actions - then a deck that shows people in real life action is perfect for you. Here are some options:

    So Below Deck

    Triple Goddess Tarot

    Magical Realism Tarot

    Lewellyn Classic Tarot

    Witches Tarot

    The Next World Tarot

    Gilded Tarot

    Crystal Visions Tarot

    If you are a big TV Series fan you will love this deck - Tv Series Tarot

  2. Animal Messages: Are you an animal lover and understand the characteristics and behaviors of animals? Picking an animal-themed deck is a good option for you! Here are some possibilities:

    Animal Totem Tarot

    Bohemian Animal Tarot

    Mystical Cats Tarot

  3. Abstract Messages: If you are really good at zoning out, visually meditating, or love abstract art that speaks to you in a way that the practical world can't... Here are your options:

    Fountain Tarot

    Linestrider Tarot

    Shadowscapes Tarot

    The Wild Unknown

  4. Faith-Based: If you feel drawn to the earthly pagan or witchy ways, Buddhist philosophy, Native American philosophy, feel guided by the moon, or other faith-based views of the world, here are some good options for you to browse through!

    Druid Craft Tarot

    Deviant Moon Tarot

    Osho Zen Tarot

    Wildwood tarot

    Dreams of Gaia

    Druidcraft tarot

    Everyday witch tarot

    Mother Peace Round Tarot

    Vision Quest Tarot

  5. Whimsical Style decks are the cool ones that I was unsure what category to put them in! Tarot deck creators have a lot of fun decks that are all over the place so here is my random FUN tarot list:

    The Good Tarot

    Kitchen Table Tarot

    Zombie Tarot

    Sailor Moon Tarot - For the 90’s fan girls out there!

    Spirit Within Tarot

    Tarot in Wonderland - Alice in Wonderland fans!

    Angel Tarot

    Tarot of the Hidden Realm

  6. Traditional/Historical: If history, ancient artwork, or discovering the root of tarot is what lights you up, then picking a traditionally based deck will serve you well. They are full of ancient symbology and are timeless. Here are your options:

    Rider Waite Tarot

    Hermetic Tarot

    Morgan Greer Tarot

    Thoth Tarot

Step Two:

Double check that the deck will be compatible with you!

Some people prefer to go to a store, hold the cards, connect with the imagery and know for sure that this is their deck. If you are anything like me, impatient, and have a busy life, then this step might feel like a hurdle.

I recommend using google images to view the cards visually and practice telling the story of the cards you see. If you struggle to tell the story then keep looking for a deck. If you feel it calling your soul and easily understand what the cards are saying to you... then look no further! (It will feel like you are making it up, and thats okay! USE YOUR IMAGINATION!)

Google Images - Animal Totem Tarot

Google Images - Animal Totem Tarot

It is totally normal to call local shops near you to see if they have your deck in stock or to order off of Amazon. There is no right or wrong here... follow your intuition!

Side Note: Oracle cards and Tarot cards are very different! I use both, and I love both! Here are the basics of what you need to know:

At the most basic level of explaining the difference... Tarot is created with the same structure across two decks, which is divided into two sections - The Major Arcana, and the Minor Arcana. The Minor Arcana is split into four suits and has four court cards for each suit. This gives the reader a basic foundation of what to expect when it comes to the structure of reading different kinds of Tarot decks.

Oracle cards have no structure and are created artistically by the artist to represent whatever theme or lens they want to show you. Oracle cards are amusing for full spreads, daily pulls, or to mix with Tarot! There is no wrong way to use them, but usually, they do provide less detailed information than a Tarot reading would.

Sheaya Biddle