How do I discover my spirit guides name?


I asked myself over and over again for at least a year...

How in the actual fuck am I suppose to figure out what my spirit guides name is?!

I could feel my guide. My readings were accurate. I knew I was working with some kind of spirit...

But it was incredibly frustrating to not know what to call my guide.

One day I was fed up with not knowing. I had asked over and over. I had done guided meditations, I had asked other psychics, and I had done numerous tarot spreads trying to figure it out.

But still nothing.

I called my guide in and I said... "You are so annoying, from here on out I am calling you Tommy!"

I can get pretty sassy with spirit when I am not getting my way.

I immediately heard a response, "that's not my name."

I told Tommy, "I don't care anymore. Until you give me a name to call you, I will call you Tommy... EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Your name is now Tommy until you decide to cooperate with me."

And again, I heard, "that's not my name." But this time it sounded a lot like that song, "That's not my name" by the Ting Tings!

Months went by and I persistently called my guide Tommy and every single time that stupid song played in my head loud and clear!!

I asked my Tarot teacher at the time if she had anything my guide wanted me to know, and she blurted out... "Is his name Thomas?? and is he gay?? That's weird for a straight girl to work with a guide presenting as gay, but whatever works for you" I burst out laughing so hard. I explained the story to her and we had a good laugh about it.

I also filled her in that Tommy's energy comes forward as masculine with a feminine twist. And the only words I could use to describe this was how he feels "metro".

In those moments I realized how inadequate the English language is when it comes to describing spiritual feelings.

A few months later, I was live with another psychic teaching candle flame communication to a grief support group on facebook called Grief Resilience.

We always open these lives to questions and one of the members says, "Hey! Do you know the name of Sheaya's guide??"

I am past getting hung up on coincidences, I don't believe anything happens by chance anymore, but I found it so strange that someone else was asking this question for me. I pretty much was at peace with calling my guide Tommy, whether he liked it or not.

She blurted out Thomas and I sat there in shock for a moment.

This was coming up again for a reason. So I went back to meditation to ask questions.

That is when FINALLY, all of this unraveled for me.

What was revealed for me in that meditation, brought together all of the clues that had been breadcrumbed to me over the year prior.

Spirit doesn't have masculine or feminine energy. This is tied to the body we choose when we come to earth. Spirit is equally both and often presents to us with the energy we are most receptive too, or the energy we need the most to balance us out.

And when it comes to names... Apparently, that is an earthly "requirement". Spirit doesn't need names. We recognize each other through our soul fingerprint, for a lack of better words.

Of course, some people have guides that they have lived lives with and the name may be tied to a prior experience together.

Other people call upon angels, gods, goddesses, or other famously known spiritual helpers. We have commonly named those spirits here on earth and can call upon them as needed, but those spirits are not attached to the names we call them, it's us souls here on earth that NEED a name.

So if you are struggling to figure out what your guides name is, I encourage you to name your guide. Pick any name you like, because honestly it really doesn't matter.

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