Dating Lesson 2: If you are online dating, understand how it works!

Ready 4 Love Masterclass launches 02/03/2019! Until then enjoy my dating failure stories, and if any of this makes you laugh or is relatable... feel free to comment!

I have spent a lot of time in the online dating world... at one point my friends called me the tinder queen! I had three successful relationships from online dating, but in the beginning, I had no idea what I was doing and ended up with a ton of online dating horror stories... this is one of them!

I matched with this insanely handsome tall drink of a man, and something told me it was too good to be true. We chatted for a few days and seemed to have a lot in common. He asked me out to dinner, and I agreed! He even let me pick the place! (note to all of you online daters, never choose your favorite place... if you decide you don't like him, and he decides he really likes you... he will be there often enough to run into you!)

I got to the restaurant on time and waited over an hour for him to show up... just as I was about to get up and leave he strolled in the door with a shit eating grin on his face. He made some snarky comment about making me wait for him so he would know if I was even worth his time... and that's when I should have gotten up to leave. BUT NO... I sat through an entire dinner.

It was awkward, uncomfortable, and we had nothing in common once I got past the small talk. His perspective of the world couldn't have been any further than mine. I am sure he is a great guy for someone, but that definitely wasn't me.

That date taught me a lot...

Like one of my favorite online dating rules, meet quickly after matching for coffee or dessert... something less time-consuming. Meeting quickly leaves less time for putting the other person on a romanticized pedestal!

Understand that not everyone on dating sites is looking for the same kind of relationship you are. It's important to know what you want.

And you can leave a date at any time. You are not stuck, and you do not owe the person anything. I should have walked away about 30 minutes into waiting for him to show up, but if I would have done that I would have missed out on a great lesson in online dating!