Dating Lesson 1: It's not about the fairytale wedding.

Ready 4 Love Masterclass launches 02/03/2019! Until then enjoy my dating failure stories, and if any of this makes you laugh or is relatable... feel free to comment!

I was engaged to my middle school boyfriend. We went our separate ways for years and reconnected my last year of college. We had the perfect story. He went off to the army, and I went to college. My college boyfriend didn't work out, and we found ourselves back together again.

We had the dream story, and I could envision the perfect wedding. Spoiler alert... wedding planning can make or break a couple!

I was always good at painting red signs green, so we went ahead and eloped while we planned MY dream wedding.

I was so focused on the wedding that I didn't spend any time cultivating the relationship. It's all I could talk about (I am sure my friends were super annoyed by this point), and I became more and more frustrated as my husband became less and less engaged in the wedding planning.

I couldn't see it then, but I was more wrapped up in the idea of being a wife than actually being a wife.

I had no idea what a sex ideal was or that I was also supposed to be living up to it. Law of attraction is a powerful thing! You CAN'T attract or keep your ideal mate if you are not matching the same energetic frequencies!

We never made it to the dream wedding. We fell apart long before the date ever arrived.

That's the year that I realized the wedding isn't what matters. Having a person in your corner, excited to be your teammate, is what truly matters.

Life will throw a lot of hard times your way and if you can't even survive the wedding planning, there is no way you can survive low spots in life together.