Dating Lesson 9: When someone exits your life, thank them!

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I spent a good amount of time being single and not looking for a relationship.

It got to the point where I felt so ready for a relationship that I was pretty much willing to make almost anything work.

That was mistake number one. Desperation + no guidelines for what I wanted or needed.

I met this guy and we dated for 7 months. During the whole relationship, I went above and beyond to invest in the relationship. I spent time with his daughters, attended family events and stuck with him through a really hard time that involved me having to find a lawyer for him.

The whole relationship was a fiery mess of passion and delusion. I kept telling myself that we could make it work and we would figure it out.

One night he broke up with me over text and gave no explanation for it.

I knew I would still need to pick things up from his house so I asked if we could talk when I came to get my things, and he agreed.

I cried, he cried, and basically, we ended with if there's no reason to break up then why are we breaking up? I left that night thinking we were getting back together.

Only to wake up to a text the next day breaking up with me again...

The most frustrating part to all of this was that he couldn't give me a reason WHY?!

To be honest, any reason he gave to me would not have been good enough, and the reason that he didn't want to be with me should have been enough for me to want to call it quits.

This was one of the harder breakups to process. I just wanted answers and they never came.

I was really bitter about it, and couldn't even facebook stalk him because he blocked me on all accounts. (Divine intervention, I am sure!)

It wasn't until months later that I sat down to write an ideals list for what I wanted in a partner. I hadn't thought of this guy in a while and for some reason when I was done writing my list his name popped in my head.

I scanned the list to see how many of the boxes he checked.


I suddenly understood the breakup. The universe was doing for me what I couldn't do for myself. He and I just weren't compatible.

We both deserved better, and it took divine intervention to get us both back on the track we needed to be on.

I said a silent prayer thanking God for the time he was in my life, for the lessons I learned and asked that his life is blessed with everything he has ever dreamed of and more.