Dating Lesson 8: Differences in faith can break a relationship, but it doesn't have to.

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I met this guy on Tinder, and I was super excited because he seemed really different than your typical online date.

He offered to pick me up and drive for our first date, but due to my awareness of online dating, I asked to meet him there for the first date.

It went so well and I was beaming with excitement for this one.

We dated for a little while, and he was a real knight in shining armor. He would pick me up, open doors, compliment me, and truly made me feel important.

There was one hangup in our relationship.

He was a devout Christian, and we both struggled to support each other's differences in beliefs.

I believe in God, and he believed in God, but all of the small details in between continued to become arguments and during those fights, we couldn't seem to respect each other's boundaries.

My God spoke to me through people, experiences, and coincidences.

His God spoke to him through the Bible studies, church sermons, and missionary work.

He was convinced that I couldn't fully experience God if I didn't attend church.

And I couldn't seem to convince him that he definitely could fully experience God hiking through the mountains.

Round and round we went until it took a huge toll on our relationship and we were both just DONE.

The lesson I learned with this relationship isn't that I need to date someone who has the same faith as me.

What I really craved was someone who would listen to me talk about my God, who would encourage me to continue seeking in the way I could feel God the most, and someone who wouldn't try to force their version of God on me.

I needed to embody the energy of acceptance and love. I needed to lead by example.