Dating Lesson 4: Your guy best friend definitely wants a relationship with you.

Ready 4 Love Masterclass launches 02/03/2019! Until then enjoy my dating failure stories, and if any of this makes you laugh or is relatable... feel free to comment!

I had a guy best friend for a few years, we were neighbors and spent a lot of time together. We would stay up late writing term papers, smoking hookah, and having deep conversations on the meaning of life.

He was the perfect date to events that I needed to attend and always made sure I got home from the bar okay. He would tuck me into bed after feeding me water and Advil, and he always let himself out. He was a true gentleman in respecting boundaries. My roommates loved him, and he got along with our group of friends really well. We were always together, ordering pizza, watching tv shows together, and even had classes together.

Guess who my first phone call was every time a date went badly or a guy I was seeing ended up cutting things off?

Guess who I called when I had excellent news and wanted to share and celebrate with someone?

Guess who I stopped talking to when I got into a relationship?

Yup, I basically used him as a backup boyfriend, except he didn't get any of the benefits of an actual relationship.

He eventually found a really awesome girlfriend, and our friendship fizzled out. I should have seen it at the time, it was apparent that he wanted a relationship with me.

If you spend time with someone, open up your feelings to them, ask them to attend events with you, and share hobbies and interests together... it's called dating.

The newer generations like to over complicate things and claim that it's not dating when it indeed is. The root of that is fear. Fear of labeling something and getting hurt, fear of finding something "better" and not having the freedom to change your mind, and fear of what other people think. This lack of commitment to call something what it really is makes things more confusing for everyone involved.

Moral of the story, don't use people, face your fears, and make a decision either way. Sitting on the fence about something hurts everyone involved far more than communication ever could.

P.S. - Having these kinds of relationships puts out the energetic vibration to the universe that this is all you need. If you want a relationship, these kinds of energetic exchanges are holding you back from finding what you truly desire.