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Dating Lesson 7: Don't bleed all over the people you love because you are unwilling to address and heal your wounds.

It's no wonder that I attracted him to my life during this time. I needed the bright light that he freely shared with everyone, but I didn't realize that my darkness would dim his fire and make his world more difficult.

At the time I was deeply hurting inside. I didn't know how to fix it, and my only solution was to drink. Every waking hour that wasn't spent at work I was drinking to change the way I felt.

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Dating Lesson 3: The guy who says he doesn't want a relationship will NOT change his mind, and it has nothing to do with your worth.

I once dated this guy who was very forward from the start that he did not want a relationship, and that he was currently seeing other women. He said all the other women heard the same words at the beginning of any of his casual dating experiences. I don't know why I didn't go running for the hills, but something in my mind kept saying... "this sounds like a fun challenge."

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