Burnout: 8 Ways to SHIFT

I go through cycles where I do the hard work that comes with seeking and being on a spiritual journey. I reap the rewards, get comfy, and stop putting in the work, and then BAM I find myself in a shithole. The pain gets bad enough, and then I put in the work again.

Anyone else do this, or is that just me?!

It is kind of funny in the sense that all the red flags are there, but somehow I manage to paint them all green, and next thing I know I am in full-blown burnout.

I recently found myself burned out, unmotivated, and super irritated.

I didn't even realize it until I was so absorbed in my self-pity that I was taking my irritability and uncomfortableness in my own skin and reality out on the people I love the most.

I was short-tempered and mostly unresponsive.

Someone would compliment me, and I had nothing nice to say in return.

People would ask me questions, and I would give one-word responses. Anyone else been asked before, "Are you okay?" and the answer is, "YES" in the snarkiest tone you can mutter? This was me.

I felt like I was having out of body experiences where I was completely rude to people I love the most, and I saw all of it happening and had no control to pull myself out of it.

The negative self-talk in my head was running ramped, and there was very little to be grateful for. All I could see was how half empty my glass was, even though I know for a fact that was not reality.

My brain was totally lying to me.

I knew it.

But I couldn't pull myself out of it.

That is when I realized I was burned out.

I hadn't been taking care of myself.

I had nothing left to give, and my passion tank was on E.

Here is my insight from my tarot reading surrounding burnout. I hope this message is useful and insightful for anyone else struggling with burnout.


1. What do I need to know about not taking care of my basic needs?

The most successful people, no matter how busy, carve time out to take care of themselves. We are not defined by how much we accomplish, but rather by how well we treat ourselves.


2. What do I need to know about my oversleeping habits?

Oversleeping through a burnout phase can be a sign of depression OR mental "not-wellness." The answers we need to solve our problems is always inside of us. Through meditation, stillness, and carving out time for our spiritual practices, we can easily knock out the sadness that slows us down through burnout. Get quiet, go within! By doing so, you will find that the overwhelming feeling that you are in this alone is a lie. This makes the battle more comfortable to fight. Often times oversleeping/depression will lift when you recognize that there is a plan for you even while you go through the shit, and you have an entire spirit team right there with you.


3. What do I need to know about being overwhelmed with the to-do list?

It's more than okay to ask for help. As humans, we are social creatures, meaning a lot of the lessons we are here to learn happen only when we work with others. It is not weak to ask for help, it is weak to not ask for help and to struggle through it alone. Often times, while working with others and getting the support we need, we will hear the exact message that we need at that moment, but that can't happen in isolation. Your guides, angels, and loved ones can't speak to you if you aren't listening and are hiding out alone.


4. What can I do about my lack of motivation?

Help someone else. If you can't do anything for yourself while in burnout, at the very least you can do something for someone else. Find someone you love and appreciate and do their laundry, or write them a thank you note. When we become of service to others, we forget our own problems, and by letting go of our issues, by ending the struggle of trying to fix everything, the answers come that we need the most.


5. How can I give myself more breaks throughout the day?

Schedule them in. If the to-do list is long and you are starting with low energy from burn out, the only option you have is to prioritize it and plan it. Plan a lot of them. Plan them often. Trust that there is a plan in place by the universe and everything that has to be done will be done, and the things that are not accomplished will find their way to being the exact way they need to be. This one requires a little faith, but remember the tortoise beat the hare with a slow and steady pace.


6. What can I do when I become irritated?

Remember that the only thing you can control is yourself and your actions. We cannot control people, places or things, so why burn up more energy that you already don't have on things you can't control. Take your power back by any means necessary. If you need a soothing tool, find it. HALT has been a life saver for me. (Am I hungry, angry, lonely, tired? If I am, it is time to pause and solve those problems first.)


7. What can I do to spark passion and inspiration in my life?

Do something you are good at. Set yourself up for success. If you are already feeling burned out, do something that you know you will "win" at. This is like a mini confidence boost. Once we get our confidence back up, it becomes easier to be inspired. If we have been on a losing streak in life, it becomes incredibly challenging to be excited about life.


8. What do I need to know about the negative self-talk?

If you saw the little girl version of yourself speaking about herself in the ways you talk about yourself inside your head, you would be saddened by the situation. So why do you accept this negative self-talk as normal or okay? You might even describe her the way you see her so that she can catch a glimpse of how wonderful she is. It is not helpful to treat yourself that way. Write your inner child a letter, tell her you love her, tell her how wonderful she is. And then make an oath and take conscious action to change it. You deserve it.

If you have been here, are currently here, or have friends or loved ones going through this, I would love to hear from you!

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