3 Simple Ways to Decipher Angel Numbers

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When I first started to recognize angel numbers (11:11, 3333, 444…) I was torn between feeling like this could be a message and feeling like I was grasping at anything that could be a spiritual connection.

Some people pointed out that once I have seen repeating numbers, it’s only natural to see them then everywhere. Others guided me to almost believing that these numbers have meaning and could be my spirit team getting a message through to me, but I wasn't convinced. How was I suppose to know the truth?

Looking back now at the time angel numbers came into my life, I didn't yet have a connection to my spiritual team. There were very few ways they could send me messages (because I hadn't developed any intuitive skills yet) and out of the few ways they could connect, I wasn't listening. So these numbers stalked me hardcore.

I believe spirit always connects to us in a way we can understand, and if we have not yet learned other spiritual languages, dreams and angel numbers are the fastest and most efficient way to get a message through. All we have to do is merely google and translations of symbology is abundant!

But this didn't answer my question on if these numbers were a message or if I was losing my mind in some weird alternate reality where I was obsessively fixed on this new idea.

So I did what I always do, I created a spiritual science experiment to find out!

1. Decipher the symbology - There are a million different websites that can give you the meaning of angel numbers and it can feel overwhelming to know which is true. To an extent, they are all true. The key is to find the message that resonates in your heart.

During a recent CrossFit class the workout was Karen - and if you don't know Karen, nobody likes her. The exercise is 150 wall balls for time, and it's the kind of workout you regret the next day when you go to sit on the toilet and realize you're not sure if you can get up after. My time for that workout was 11:11, naturally I looked up the meaning. The idea behind 1111 is that now is the time to turn your dreams into a reality, and confirmation that your desires are about to come true. This resonated for me, I knew this was the sentence that I needed to read. So I stopped reading even though there were 6 pages left in the article.

2. Apply the message - Googling the angel number and reading it wasn't enough to make the numbers go away. I had to really sit down with the message and find ways to connect it to my real life. What was going on? What was I struggling with?

To truly accept this message and dig deeper than this vague symbolism on the internet, I needed to reflect on where my thoughts and actions are not lining up. The night before I spent way too much time thinking about some situations going on in the lives of those I love. If I genuinely want to make my dreams a reality, it's time to refocus on the things I can change, the impact I can make, and put all of my energy and love towards my goals. I can't fix life for them, and all the energy I spend on trying to do so takes away from the energy that I have available to create my most deserving life. I have to trust that the universe has a plan and is taking care of them, my job is to help the universe take care of me.

3. Put the message into action - This sounds easy... I understand the meaning, I have connected it to my life, that should be enough right? Not exactly. I like to create concrete mini-game plans that are possible to achieve, to ensure this angel number leaves me alone.

I now know at this point what needs to be done, but how can I actually redirect my focus? For this specific message, I repeated over and over again, bless them change me. Affirmations are like mini slogans that remind me of the goal.

Putting it to action is the part that can be difficult. Today I am choosing to do one small task that gets me closer to my goal. Each time my mind wonders to fixing other peoples problems I ask myself, "What problem can I solve for myself today?" I am committed to taking action that supports the goals my spirit team has for me - and with this message, I am confident that the universe is taking care of them just as much as it is taking care of me!

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