5 Alternative Ways to Meditate

I use to be one of those people who had every excuse not to meditate.


I can't quiet my mind.

I have a squirrel brain.

I don't have time for that.

What I didn't realize is all the reasons I was using for not meditating is exactly why I needed to. It's a myth that you have to quiet your mind. Meditation is more about observing the thoughts that come up so that you can recognize what kind of thoughts rent space in your head.

I still can be very quick to switch gears and go from one thought to another, but meditation has taught me that I have a space that I can be authentically me. That I don't need to judge myself for the way I operate.

And when I am insanely busy, meditation is the best single act I can do for myself. It's like magic that helps me accomplish things faster and with more ease.

IDK about any of you but sometimes I feel like my brain is an internet browser and I have approximately 2,476 tabs open. With that much stuff going through my brain it's nice to take a moment and just let it be.

So here are my 5 alternative ways to meditate for those who don't like meditation:

1. Light a Cande - Sit and just watch the flame dance. You can watch a bonfire, your home fireplace, or a candle! It's really easy to get in the present moment watching the flame dance around! You could do this for 1 minute every morning and I guarantee with consistent practice you will see results in your life.

2. Go for a drive with the windows down. There's something about the wind in your face, and turn the music off, just listening to the sounds of the road. This is an easy one because most people do get in a car every day. Even if your only free time to meditate is too and from work, that will be more than enough to bring more peace and flow back into your life.

3. Household chores. Something about the repetition of mindless work makes chores meditative. Again, no music, just be in the moment. Laundry, dishes, vacuuming, these are all things most of us have to do. I stumbled upon this one accidentally. I realized while putting laundry away the things that were going through my mind and I suddenly became the observer. I asked myself is all this stuff in my brain this important, and suddenly I was able to be in the moment and just listen as the thoughts went by.

4. Pet your furbaby. This repetitive motion of doing nothing but actively moving can help you tap into that meditative state. Plus receiving that unconditional love back adds an extra boost to this one!

If you don't have pets you can get out in nature! I live in Florida so I love to sit on the beach and watch the waves roll in.

5. Pull a tarot or oracle card! Oracle cards are really fun to help set intentions for the day. Pulling a card and looking at the artwork, spending a few quiet moments to set your intentions for the day can be a powerful tool for transformation.

I get it if you are still not convinced that you have time for all this stuff, but integrating meditation into daily life really takes out the ability to make excuses about it.

If you have tried any of these I would love to hear your feedback!