10 Things Everyone Should Know About Tarot

I wasn’t always interested in Tarot. For a long time I believed some myths about tarot, because honestly… I didn’t know any better.

So here is my list of things that I wish EVERYONE knew about tarot!

1. Tarot is NOT evil.

Tarot is simply artwork on cardstock. Most readers use tarot as a tool for approaching life situations from different angles. I believe that the power is within us and that there is nothing particularly magical about the artwork on paper. Using tarot cards all comes down to intention.

Do you want to use tarot to connect with loved ones who have transitioned? You for sure can do that!

Do you want to use tarot to tap into subconscious thoughts? That can be done too!

Or maybe you want to use tarot cards to asses the energy of yourself, someone else, or the external environment? That is one of my favorite ways to access energy, and Tarot makes it easy to do!

I think it is also important to note here that bringing tarot cards into your home will not invite evil spirits or negative energy into your home... The energy is transported into the house through the person you are inviting in, not the deck of cardstock with awesome artwork on it.

2. Tarot is NOT Anti-Religious.

Many tarot readers have different spiritual backgrounds.

I know Christian tarot readers who use tarot as a way to speak to their God and guide them to Bible verses they need the most.

I know Pagans, Islamic’s, Hindu’s, and even Buddhists that all use tarot. Tarot is not attached to any one belief - hence even Atheists or Agnostics using tarot. Tarot is a tool that can be used by anyone to enhance their spirituality or enhance their connection to the subconscious.

3. Tarot is compatible with science.

For those of you who made it this far, and are somewhat curious about tarot and still can't get on board with the whole WOO-WOO thing... I've got good news for you! Let's revisit this idea that Tarot is just artwork on cardstock. From a scientific standpoint using Tarot to access subconscious parts of our brain via metaphors, symbolism, etc. is basically like using the Tarot as a brain hack!

The late psychologist Carl Jung had done work around the idea of the collective unconscious which is widely recognized in the scientific community. The idea here is that Synchronicity occurs in all of our lives due to an unconscious connection we have to each other. We all have a psyche that each of us is born with deep within our subconscious. Using Tarot cards from a scientific standpoint would give insight to information in our subconscious or help us tap into the collective unconscious that Jung teaches. If you want to read more about Carl Jung and his work on the Collective Unconscious, or Synchronicities, click here:

4. Anyone can learn to read tarot.

When I first became interested in tarot, I went to a few different tarot readers secretly hoping that they would tell me I have the gift and give me the green light to buy a deck. At the time, I didn't understand that tarot is not connected to any religion, science, or spiritual gifts, and I assumed that I had to be born with the gift. Since buying my first deck, trying to teach myself with books, taking two courses, and eventually opening my course to teach others to read tarot for themselves or others in as little as four weeks, I have learned that ANYONE can learn to read tarot.

Learning to read tarot is just like anything else in life.

If you're going to learn to play an instrument, you have to practice.

If you want to want to learn to cook well, you make meals for others to eat and give you feedback.

Tarot is no different! If you are interested in learning to read tarot without memorizing or studying books, you can check out my tarot course by clicking here:

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5. Every Tarot reader is different.

There are no rules for tarot.

Some readers read from memorizing card meanings, and some read entirely on intuition.

Some readers love making future predictions (and are spot on with them), and some readers believe in free will and will not make future predictions.

Most readers have a specialized style reading. Some readers love to do romance and relationship readings; others enjoy self-help style readings where they access as much information energetically as possible to give the client the empowerment to make their own decisions.

My style of Tarot reading is self-help, healing, self-exploration, and strategies based on current energy with the goal of moving forward in a positive way. My method of reading is not fortune telling, future predictions, or gypsy. My goal is not to tell you the future but to give you the information and freedom to create the life of your wildest dreams.

6. Tarot is fluid and doesn't always work well with structure.

When I first began reading Tarot, I created a bunch of rules of what has to happen before, during and after a tarot reading. I was holding myself back, and making everything exponentially more complicated for myself. Tarot should be easy and fun! I googled a bunch of tarot sites and tried to implement every single one of their suggestions and quickly realized that it's overwhelming to make up all these rules to a game that I am the only one playing. Eventually, it got to the point that I didn't want to read tarot because it was too much of a hassle. When I finally realized that it's my "game," and I can have as many or as few rules as I want, Tarot then became fun again for me. The more we practice, the better we get at it... so don't make it more difficult than it needs to be!

7. Most people do not know of endless ways Tarot can be used.

Tarot can be used as a morning devotional to connect with the God of your understanding.

It can also be used to prompt meditations or deepen your meditation practice.

Tarot can be used as a tool to keep you in the present moment for a day or even a few moments when feeling anxious, or going through tough life situations.

I know people who use tarot to create content for their social media.

I know people who use tarot to write books or blogs.

The number of uses for tarot is endless, and because Tarot is widely recognized for its use of readings, we forget that it can be used in any way that helps us expand our mind.

8. The Tarot reader doesn't always understand the message they are delivering.

It is the responsibility of the person getting the reading to connect the information to their current life. I have received a lot of readings in my life, and the message doesn't always resonate right away. This is why when I receive readings I ask if I can record on my phone or take notes in some way. Using the information from the reading as time goes by I am better able to make choices that get me closer to my goals. I have never had a reading that I looked back on that didn't make sense or pan out in my life in some way. The key is taking the information and reflecting on how it fits in your life.

If you are a new reader, I understand how challenging it feels when you don't understand the message you are giving or feeling like the person is struggling to connect it. My best recommendation is to find a tarot community that you can practice with and build confidence with.

9. Picking a Tarot deck is a personal journey.

Tarot cards are structured to depict the world, situations, and people through a specific lens of how someone would see the world. What does that even mean exactly?? It means that picking a Tarot deck that depicts the world in a way that you don't usually look at the world makes reading that deck incredibly difficult; It is even more difficult to trigger subconscious thoughts or read energy with a deck if you don't connect to the deck!

10. Tarot decks and Oracle decks are very different.

At the most basic level of explaining the difference... Tarot is created with the same structure across two decks, which is divided into two sections - The Major Arcana, and the Minor Arcana. The Minor Arcana is split into four suits and has four court cards for each suit. This gives the reader a basic foundation of what to expect when it comes to the structure of reading different kinds of Tarot decks.

Oracle cards have no structure and are created artistically by the artist to represent whatever theme or lens they want to show you. Oracle cards are amusing for full spreads, daily pulls, or to mix with Tarot! There is no wrong way to use them, but usually, they do provide less detailed information than a Tarot reading would.

If you are curious about the best way to pick a tarot deck, read this blog post!

If you are curious about the best way to pick a tarot deck, read this blog post!