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Sheaya Biddle

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About Me

My name is Sheaya, and I have been slinging cards and reading tarot since 2016. I am predominately clairvoyant, claircognizant, and clairaudient - which basically means I see, know, and hear spirit.

I am super passionate about helping newly awakened women navigate their spiritual awakening to develop their gifts, and step into their soul purpose of healing themselves and others.

Spiritual Simplicity

My spiritual style is very simplistic. I believe in creating a spiritual lifestyle that mixes with the practicality of being human. I created a spiritual lifestyle that fits into my everyday human life. I go on the basis of, “Am I feeling it?” Early in my awakening, it would take me an hour before doing a tarot reading. I had a full ritual, and more often than not I found myself not reading tarot, because practically I didn’t have the time to fit it in!

My style is also simplistic in the way I speak of the spiritual world. I have had many encounters with spirit, souls, guides, and arch angels, and every time I communicate these experiences I use earthly analogies to explain. This might sound strange to some, but this earthly life experience is all we have in tangible form and whenever we can connect spiritual experiences to the tangible they become easier to grasp.

The Power of Connection

I was thrown into my spiritual awakening after the sudden death of my mother in 2016. I was full of anxiety, fear of the unknown, and to be honest – there was a lot of really weird stuff happening to me that I didn’t know how to talk to others about. My awakening made me feel like a crazy person, and I felt really overwhelmed and lost in the spiritual world trying to understand where to start.

Everything changed for me when I found a community of women that I could talk to. I heard their stories in mine. I realized I wasn’t alone, and most importantly I found the community I needed to balance my strengths and weaknesses with. I finally felt safe to explore the unknown.


Grief Resilience

Spiritually minded grief support group

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Grief Support

like you’ve never seen before

When I lost my mother unexpectedly, in 2016, it rocked my world. She was only 51 years old. My entire world ended… I didn’t know how to cope, and healing seemed impossible. I was angry at God, and honestly wanted nothing to do with a power greater than myself. The thing that nobody told me was that I could create my own conception of God through personal connections and spiritual science experiments that showed me who God was. I began by connecting and receiving signs from my Mom, and somewhere along the way I had a spiritual experience that healed me from the inside out.

I had been a member of many grief groups on facebook, but I needed a new community. I needed people that I could talk about these unexplainable connections with, and I craved a community where I could openly discuss spirituality with.

Grief Resilience meets once a week on Zoom (video conferencing) for Peer to Peer Support.