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Clarity and Empowerment

during times of change or indecision.

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Book A Tarot Reading

I want a reading that leaves me feeling empowered with a clear plan on what to do moving forward.

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Learn to Read Tarot

I want to learn how to read tarot intuitively for myself and friends.

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Coaching with Tarot Clarity

I want tarot readings, but also intensive support after the tarot readings to execute on my new plan.


About Sheaya

As a little girl, I dreamed of a magical book that would have all of life's answers. Most kids dream of magic genies, fairly godparents, or superpowers, but me? I was afraid of making the "wrong choice" even as a small kid. Life has a funny way of forcing us to face our biggest fears. After growing through a divorce, grief, career changes, unrequited love, messy relationships, addiction, uncertain finances, family pressure, and trying to figure out who I am, I discovered I had the magical book of answers that I always dreamed of having. It was called my intuition. Tarot cards are my tool for tapping into this intuition, and through our collective unconscious, I can tap into other peoples energy to help them find the answers they seek too! My style of tarot reading is to help my clients feel what their options and choices will look like, and help them make the best-informed decision for themselves. We have free will in life, and by gathering all of the information, we can make clear and conscious choices that shape our everyday lives.


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